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Renew Solutions Commercial is all about professional integrity & developing long term customer relationships. We are focused on customer satisfaction and making sure when we leave your facility you are completely satisfied.
Our surface restoration system is an environmentally friendly and effective cleaning method designed to restore the exterior of buildings to near original appearance. The process removes biological growth and pollutants from the surface. The system is very fast, thereby saving customers inconvenience, downtime, and money.
Until now, pressure washing has primarily been the method used in cleaning the exterior of buildings. There have been significant complaints about damage as a result of cleaning with pressure.

Why ReNew Solutions Commercial?

Over the last fifteen years, the power wash industry has progressed from using 200-300 PSI to the present standard of 4000-5000 PSI. These substantial increases in pressure have evolved as the result of an effort to achieve a better clean and to reduce the amount of required labor. As a result, practitioners of this procedure have discovered that the severe damage to most any surface, even the hardest stone surfaces, may occur. As a matter of fact the Historical Society and National Historical Register have banned pressure and sand blasting from their allowed methods of cleaning.
More than ever there is a need to remove biological growth (algae, molds, fungus, lichen, spores and bacteria) that is fueled by petrol emissions and acid rain. Permanent stains may occur if growth and dirt are not removed. Most people do not realize that permanent damage may occur to surfaces that are allowed to harbor such growths. For example, the freeze/thaw cycle and root systems of such growth can cause Spalling of the surfaces, which can be very costly to repair. Not only are growth and dirt unsightly and damaging to most surfaces, we are now learning of health concerns that are being traced to these growths.
The ReNew Solutions “System” is the answer to exterior surface restoration!! The process is fast, causes no damage (is safe on virtually all surfaces), and provides a cleaner surface while being gentle to the environment. Not only does the process restore most surfaces to their original appearance, if significantly increases the cycle time before the surface requires additional cleaning. Surfaces that appear to need painting may simply need our gentle cleaning which can extend their lifecycle while saving time and money.
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